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What is Storyworthy?

Storyworthy is an app for anyone to practice and grow their storytelling skills using exercises that are done by simply replying to a daily email.

There are three exercises as described in the book Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks that anyone can do to recognize, capture, and share stories in the most compelling ways:

  • Exercise 1 - Homework for Life:

    At the end of every day, write a sentence or two that captures the most “storyworthy” moment from the day.
    Learn more about Homework for Life

  • Exercise 2 - First Last Best Worst:

    Every two weeks, note down the first word or words that come to mind when you think about the “first, last, best, and worst" memory about a topic such as a family car, a breakup, a holiday, etc.
    Learn more about First Last Best Worst

  • Exercise 3 - Crash & Burn:

    Once a month, set a timer for 10 minutes and do this exercise of “stream-of-consciousness writing”. The goal is to not stop writing during that entire time - you are simply writing down whatever words enter your mind, without worrying about the need for what you write to make any sense.
    Learn more about Crash & Burn

How does Storyworthy work?

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  2. You perform the exercise by replying to the daily email.

  3. Storyworthy will highlight insights from your exercises and provide actionable advice to help you get better at storytelling.

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Practice the art of storytelling by by simply replying to a daily email